The Facts

When discussing addiction, politicians, medical professionals, and the media often focus on the person struggling with substance abuse.  But what about those closest to the user, the family members, close friends, and co-workers who struggle to lead productive, responsible, well-organized, fulfulling lives while everything around them is disrupted?  

Those family members, close friends and co-workers often find themselves mired in anxiety and fear, pulled in different directions,  threatened by something over which they have little control and often much shame.

KardBoard House knows those family members, those close friends, those co-workers.  We work with them, we socialize with them, and sometimes we are them. And we exist to support them.

What We Do

KardBoard House provides educational seminars, managed discussions, and symposiums to businesses, educational facilities and associations, large and small, public and private, about the effect of addiction on the individual, workplace and establishment.

KardBoard House's services are available to businesses, educational facilities, and affiliated associations of any size.  We steer conversations and engage groups concerning the psychological, physiological, and professional effects of caring for a person with substance use disorder.

In appropriate instances, we can bring in other organizations or professionals focused on varying aspects of recovery.  Our programs can be tailored to meet the needs of each engagement.

We use these programs to begin a conversation, to open minds and hearts so that individuals can begin to shift their struggles away from immobilizing anxiety and counterproductive stagnation.  We suggest realistic mechanisms to help restore composure, quiet turmoil, and gain strength, notwithstanding the realities of addiction.  

In doing so, KardBoard House seeks to be a catalyst for personal and professional healing and growth, for the betterment of the individual, workplace, and society. 

Why Businesses, Educational Facilities and Associations Use Our Services

There is little dispute that addiction has reached epidemic proportions.  Personal experience has taught us that families and loved ones suffer alone and with the person who struggles.

To an employer or educational facility, that can mean a multitude of challenges; missed deadlines, increased absenteeism, lateness, lower productivity, heightened risk of accidents, interpersonal challenges, decreased focus, reduced output, and an interrupted workday.  These performance issues can even be seen in an employee who had been a star.  

KardBoard House knows that sweeping the problem under the rug does not make it go away.  Focusing attention in an appropriately guided public manner helps reduce the stigma. It allows for healthier ways of managing the personal and organizational stresses that come with loving a person struggling with addiction.

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