A catalyst for healing and transformation

In identifying the unmet personal and professional needs of those living amid a loved one’s addiction to drugs or alcohol, KBH provides vehicles for change; turning struggle into strength, stagnation into action, vulnerability into acceptance. Its mission is to connect the mind, heart and soul of those seeking guidance and engage organizations and educational facilities to show up for those affected.

The insidiousness is far reaching. Corporations large and small, associations in every trade, educational institutions private and public are recipients.  KBH invites you to take heed. To acknowledge the impact, to develop the invaluable resources for those in need.

Through educational seminars, thoughtful discussions and symposiums, KBH unites the workplace and community to examine addiction's rippling effects, the repercussions on the workforce, the affiliated complexities and challenges while promoting mindful awareness, enhancing self-care and recovery and endorsing practices for spiritual development and personal restoration.

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This educational offering is dedicated to addressing the extended personal and professional impact stemming from a loved one’s substance use and how, through increased awareness, knowledge and skill, businesses and educational facilities can engage in practices that will provide a course of action to strengthen and advance one’s participation.

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KBH brings critical attention to the challenges businesses, educational facilities and associations face when their employees are living with the crisis of a loved one’s substance use. Through strategic planning, KardBoard House provides a system for guidance, a process for support and the gift of hope.

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Through acknowledging the crisis of addiction and its rippling effects, KardBoard House works with organizations to incorporate practices and programming to address, guide and support those whose personal and professional lives have been disrupted by someone’s substance use disorder.