Who Is Kardboard House?

KardBoard House was founded by a mother whose son struggled with addiction for ten years.  She understands fully how a loved one’s addiction impacts all aspects of life, including the work and professional environment.  She also understands without community healing is next to impossible.  It does take a village, including those in the workplace.

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Nancy Espuche

Founder + Principal, Kardboard House

Nancy Espuche is the Founder of KBH, a business committed to addressing and repairing the impact of addiction on those living with a loved one’s substance use.  For the last decade, Nancy has been an active participant in the recovery community as she faced the daunting challenge of her son’s opioid addiction who, on December 19th, 2016, lost his battle.  Her mission and purpose is to explore, develop and provide steps for healing, tools for recovery and opportunities for transformation.

Nancy graduated from Stony Brook University with a BS in Psychology. During that time, she regularly volunteered in the pediatric ICU unit at a NYC hospital and through associations caring for children and young adults with mental and physical handicaps.  Those experiences were important building blocks that lead to her exploration into human development; life’s challenges, personal resilience and the importance and strength of community. She strives, through her work with KardBoard House, to contribute to enriching and improving other’s lives by way of experience, knowledge and the gift of hope

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